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Orange peel texture - It is sprayed on over PVA giving the wall a textured look resembling an orange peel. This texture vary's in size from large to fine. We have found this finish to be the most commonly used.
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orange peel texture (heavy)
Orange peel Texture (fine, most commonly used)
Smooth Wall - Is just how it sounds, We apply extra mud, wideing the joints  allowing the wall to be smooth . With a Smooth wall, a thicker coat of PVA is applied to prepare the wall for paint.
Texture- smooth wall, preparing the wall for paint.
PVA -( polyvinyl acetate) PVA drywall primer was designed for new drywall. This type of primer wets the surface of the wall  sealing the drywall and the mud,  allowing for an even finish to apply texture or paint.
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