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We believe in the art of finishing. It starts with well-planned drywall installation, followed by taping, using paper tape in corners, flats and seams to minimize hair line cracking.  We use All purpose mud & hot mud for the first coat, which has minimal shrinkage, leaving a hard, durable finish. Final coats are done with light weight topping, giving a smooth  finish, while reducing the amount of dust and making it easier to sand. Applying each coat well ,cuts down on the amount of sanding, which is done  at the end of the job.
All purpose Joint compound (mud)
All purpose Joint compound (mud)
Often used for 1st coat
Light weight taping joint Compound (mud)
used for applying paper tape and corners to drywall
Light weight taping joint Compound (mud)
(also known as drywall compound) is a white substance similar to plaster used to seal joints between sheets of drywall, primarily in building construction. It is often referred to simply as mud.
Light weight Topping Joint compound
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